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October 28, 2018
Changi Cove
November 17, 2018
OCBC Bank wanted to expand their customer base and remain relevant in the competitive banking industry. They engaged OXD to come up with a new banking experience that would appeal to the Millennia generation. FRANK by OCBC transforms traditional banking experience for the Generation Y customer by focusing on their desire for personalisation as well as transparency and honesty.
The Process
OXD spoke to many users to better understanding their banking needs, and the extensive research revealed the general negative impression many young people held of banks. We set out to “design a bank that Gen Ys could relate to and trust their money with.” The research also highlighted three characteristics of Generation Y – the importance of community and peer opinion to them, an absence of a disciplined approach to tracking their personal expression and emphasis on individualism, which are expressed in their preference for products that allow for personalisation.

Anyone coming into a FRANK outlet can choose from 100 designs of debit and credit cards, each with a specially curated description that emotionally engages with the customer which adds to the innovative and unique banking experience. The interior of the bank is designed to be more relaxed and casual, to encourage young people to linger and engage with the ambassadors on their financial needs.
The Outcome
The new name, Frank by OCBC, capitalises on its double meaning as a principle and a person’s name, communicating a sense of honesty while making it more relatable as a brand. In an interview with the Straits Times, Head of FRANK by OCBC Mark Leong reported that "assets under management in OCBC's youth segment had multiplied six-fold since the FRANK programme was launched in 2011", and that "revenue from the bank's youth segment also tripled last year (2014), compared with the year before."