Our Approach
to Design
We see good design as comprising of 3 components - the physical environment, the communication of your brand experience and the work processes needed to make it work. We strive to work with our clients in each project to integrate all 3 components to create compelling yet relatable experiences that will grow and evolve with them.
Our Design Process
We believe in a collaborative process of engagement, and work closely with out clients and their stakeholders so that they are empowered to take ownership and contribute to different parts of the solution. This is not only internally meaningful, but goes beyond to impact other areas withing the organisation.
- See through your user’s lens
- Understanding their needs
- Observe environment
- Analyse & Synthesize
- Identify root issues
- Define design opportunities
- Identify key design challenges
- Brainstorm potential ideas
- Prototype solutions
- User-testing & gather feedback
- Develop prototype ideas into integrated solutions
- Incorporate base on feedback from prototype