About Us
OXD (ONG&ONG Experience Design) is the Experience Design arm of ONG&ONG, a multi-disciplinary design house focused on creating and building beautiful experiences through a complete 360 design approach.
OXD works with clients in the area of innovation to transform their organisations to become more user-centric and customer focused.
We believe that the process of design thinking is a powerful tool for transformation and through our partnership with many clients, have leveraged on this to bring about impact in organisations both internally and externally.
Our Vision & Beliefs
We believe deeply that great experiences start and end with people. In making empathy a big part of our design process, we build our design solutions around a human-centred model with the belief that the outcome would not only be beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside, impacting those we build with.
As designers, we are passionate about getting to the core of what motivates and inspires the human mind and emotions. This is central to how we approach our work. We believe Design Thinking is a great tool for creative problem-solving and effecting innovation and apply that as a core part of our design process. We start by discovering users’ needs, then defining the correct design opportunities, followed by generating new ideas and possibilities and finally iterative prototyping to test and refine our ideas for implementation.